About Us

We are a small friendly show and breeding kennel based in Somerset, UK. All the dogs live in our family home.

 Kirsty Wells

Kirsty has had a life long love of all animals. All the dogs live in her house as part of the family.

Kirsty grew up with a Miniature Poodle and enjoyed competition riding & showing in-hand. Other than horses she has tried her hand at showing alpacas

The first Papillon entered her home in 2007 and the addiction began.

As well as being shown by Kirsty all the dogs take turns in being shown by Jonathan - who now shares the showing addiction and now has his own dog a Japanese Spitz  Kirsty has also had some success in handling competitions - showing that age is no barrier to learning the craft of handling. 

Kirsty is also a qualified dog groomer but leaves all the show prep to Amanda!

Kirsty is now a Hospital Chaplain at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton but still finds time for showing and breeding. 


 Amanda Brown

Amanda had her 1st Papillon at the age of 11 the year will not be disclosed! She fell in love with the breed then and had wanted another for years before meeting Kirsty.

As a child Amanda had some experience of dog showing and grooming .

Amanda grew up on a farm and friends had pedigree Hereford cows, which she also enjoyed showing.

Amanda got her degree in biological science (2000) and has maintained a lively interest in genetics.

Amanda met Kirsty in 2001 as rejects from the teaching profession they found they had a lot in common.

In 2006 the joint decision was made to look for a show quality Papillon - the result - Hazel.


 (the year of the first papillon was 1976)





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