South of England Papillon Club 6.5.12

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 

Papillon Club Championship Show 15.4.12

Jonathan 2nd JHA 

South Eastern Toy Dog 14.4.12

Jonathan 1st JHA & YKC and Qualified for Crufts 2013  

The Joint Papillon Club Championship Show - hosted by South Wales

Jonathan 1st 12-16 & BJH 

Papillon Club Open show (Nov 2011)

Jonathan 2nd JHA 

 South Wales Pap Club Champ Show 9.10.11

1st 12-16 JHA

Best Junior Handler in Show


Thank you to Sue Morrell for allowing him to borrow Tyler

 Matthew is taking a break from handling due to being at boarding school.

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Open Show 17.8.11

Jonathan Best Junior Handler in Show 

Bournemouth Championship Show 13th August 2011

YKC handling Jonathan 2nd handling Asbo 

JHA Handling Jonathan 6th handling Asbo

Right Jonathan with the Asbo whippet!

 South of England Papillon Club 31.7.11

Jonathan 1st (12-16) & Best Junior Handler - Handling Phoenix

Matthew 1st (6-11) - Handling Elly

 Windsor Championship Show 3.7.11

3rd JHA 12-16 Handling 'Holly' (class of 11)

Southampton Open Show 18.6.11

Jonathan 2nd JHA 12-16 handling 'Asbo' the whippet 

Christchurch & New Forest Open Show 15.5.11

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler - handling our own Metamorphic Phoenix

Judge: Helena Hutchings

 South of England Papillon Club 14.5.11

Matthew 1st JHA 6-11

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler

Judge: Fran McWade

(left) Jonathan with Tanya (Ch Serenglade Satanya for Temelora) after winning BJH. Thanks to Sue Morrell for allowing Jonathan to borrow your special girl. 

 South East Toy Dog  16.5.11

Matthew 1st JHA & YKC handling & qualified for Crufts 2012

Jonathan 4th JHA & 2nd YKC handling

South Wales Papillon Club Open Show 10.4.11

Jonathan 1st JH 12-16 & Best Junior Handler

Matthew 1st JH 6-11

 Papillon Club Open Show 26.2.11

Matthew 2nd JH 6-11

Jonathan 2nd JH 12-16

Well done boys!

 Matthew and Hazel    winning JH 6-11 2010

 Jonathan and Dizzy winning JH 6-11 2009

Papillon Junior Handler of the Year

Matthew 2nd 6-11

Jonathan 1st 12-16 - Best Papillon Junior Handler of the Year 

 Northern & Eastern Papillon Club Championship Show 7.11.10

Matthew 4th 6-11

Jonathan 1st 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show

Judge, Kirsten Stewart-Knight comments:

Jonathan Wells, what a super star, 13 years a junior handler the breed can be proud of, handles his dog with  sympathy, style and class & I was wonderfully impressed






Isle of Wight Canine Association

Matthew qualified for the YKC handling class at Crufts 2011 

South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show 10.10.10

Matthew 1st JH 6-11 

Jonathan 2nd JH 12-16

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