In October 2009 Suki 'Leymarchi's Saruki at Metamorphic gave birth to 3 boys, their father is Metamorphic Endeavour 'Dizzy'

Suki - Leymarchi's Saruki at Metamorphic 

Dizzy - Metamorphic Endeavour 

Metamorphic Restoration 'Ditto' looks just like his dad now lives with his owner Han and her parents two dogs 

As you can see Ditto is enjoying his life and is fit and healthy. 

Reggie - Metamorphic Regency is living with one of the top obedience trainers in the country - hopefully he will learn some manners!  

Spot the Dog - Metamorphic Raphael is a much lived family pet and shares his home with a pomeranian friend called Kai 

 In April Suki gave birth to one little girl - Metamorphic Hope; weighing only 2.5oz. Little did we know how feisty she would be!

Hope is very settled in a pet home and enjoys going to the pub for lunch every day  

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