Our show results  

Critiques (where available) in italics

Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show 13.12.14 Judge: Francis Yeoh

Dora 3rd Post Graduate Bitch

*****Sarah 1st Open Bitch BCC***** 

Northern and Eastern Papillon Club Championship Show 1.11.14  Judge: Mrs S Stanbury (Inixia)

Dora 1st Post Graduate Bitch METAMORPHIC ONYX. The quality of this 2 year, Tri bitch is not immediately obvious, when glancing around the ring, but she has all the right things in the right places. Lovely head, expression and large, well placed ears. Level topline. Moved & showed well. She just, possibly needs a little more furnishings to complete the overall picture.

Sarah 1st Limit Bitch METAMORPHIC DELIVERED. Well balanced, 3 year Black & White with lovely head & expression, symmetrical blaze and large, well fringed ears. Lightly marked, with good reach of neck and level top-line and good tail carriage. Well bodied, with fine silky coat and tail feathering. Moved & showed well.

Hazel 2nd Veteran Bitch POWDERMILL LOOK WITH ME AT METAMORPHIC. This, well coated, 8 year old Black & White girl, is, again not unknown to me as I own her dad! She has a lovely head & expression and large, very well fringed ears and moved & showed well, with superb hare feet.

Midland Counties Championship Show Judge: Andrew Brace

Dora 1st Post Graduate Bitch

Sarah 3rd Limit Bitch 

Bournemouth Championship Show Judge: Shirley Colyer

Dora 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Paignton Championship Show Judge: Ruth Johnston 5.814

Sarah 2nd Limit Bitch - RCC quality bitch with lovely shape, good on the move & presents a lovely picture when standing.

South of England Papillon Club Championship Show  Judge Sean Carroll 3.8.14

Dora 1st Post Graduate Bitch melting head & expression with beautiful eye, large well furnished ears with correct placement, would have liked slightly longer neck, excellent rib, level topline & lovely tail set, moeved so well & with style, needs more coat to finish overall picture.

Sarah 1st Limit Bitch beautiful head and expression with dark pigment. Huge well placed ears with excellent fringing, Nice fine bone. Nice feet, good spring of rib on good topline and tailset, moved so soundly front and rear.

Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club Open Show 12.7.14 Judge Brian Lees (Lafford)

Penny 2nd Junior Bitch        Good head properties, round dark eye, correct ears, good bite, correct texture coat. Moved well.

Dora 1st Graduate Bitch        Fine and dainty, balanced head, good mobile ears, dark round and expressive eye, good bite, medium neck leading to good shoulders and level topline. Good texture coat, neat hare feet, moved well

*****Sarah 1st Limit Bitch, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex *****     Fine and dainty example, lovely head balance, good bite, sparkling dark round eye, lovely mobile ears, broad based and well placed. Medium neck leading to well sloped shoulders, level topline. Super texture coat, moved with total confidence on true and fine boned limbs.

Jonathan showed Jason 'Temelora Just Magic JW, ShCM to Best Junior Handler in Show and Best Veteran in Show At almost 10 years old this boy is indeed Magic. Lovely and compact, super head, clear dark eye, mobile ears, correct coat, fine boned and he moved with the enthusiasm of a youngster.

Taunton and District Open Show 6.7.14 Judge Tim Ball

Penny 1st Graduate

Dylan 1st Open, BOB, Group 3  Dylan is now Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic ShCM (subject to KC confirmation)

 Windsor Championship Show 26.6.14 Judge: Nigel Marsh (Tidemill)

Dylan 3rd Open Dog

Penny 2nd Junior Bitch                      2nd Beginners Stakes (judge Gavin Robertson)

Dora 1st Post Graduate Bitch very dainty tri bitch, with the most attractive well marked head, earset & size correct, good definition of stop, good dentition, fine bone, nice neck, level topline, well set tail, moved well.

Southampton Open Show 14.6.14 Judge: Michele Buss

Penny 1st Junior 

Dylan 2nd Open 

Jonathan showed Jason 'Temelora Just Magic JW' to BVIS

 Three Counties Championship Show    6.6.14 judge - Phil Shirley 

Dylan 3rd Open Dog

**** Sarah 1st Limit Bitch  RCC ****lovely medium sized B/W bitch of quality, sweet head with good stop and ears, excelling in body with great top-line and good straight front, high quality single silky coat, a bit of a hand-full today but when settled,pulled out all the stops to take RCC, a bitch of Ch. quality here.  

Guildford and District Open Show 28.5.14

Dylan 1st Open BOB & G4

Penny 1st Junior BPIB

Marlborough and District Open Show 5.5.14 Breed Judge Alexandra Forth, Group/BIS: Liz Catrledge

Dylan 1st Open BOB & G2 Bankshill Lord Of The Dance. Black and White 2 year old male. Yes he has his fault, don't they all, but he just shouts Papillon. He has the most exquisite head and when he gives it his all his balance and style is so pretty. I so could have taken him home with me. He has a balanced head with perfect markings, wonderful set ears and great furnishings, nice length of neck, shoulders just a tad upright, level topline and great jug tail, with an abundance of pluming. Moved with style and elegance. It was great to see him take GRP 2.

Sarah 3rd Open

Penny 1st Junior BPIB & PG3 Farthinghall´s Penny Red at Metamorphic. Seven month Red Sable and White bitch. Super overall balance and construction. Just a little strong in head at the moment. Good placed ears, nice length of neck into clean shoulders. Level topline, finishing in a well set tail. Moved and showed with style. BP and 2nd Best Puppy in Group.

Jason 'Temelora Just Magic'  handled by Jonathan - ****Best Veteran in Show****

South of England Papillon Open Show  4.5.14 Judge Lee Cox

Dylan 2nd Open Dog

South Eastern Toy Dog Open Show 3.4.14 Judge: Alan Carter

Dylan 3rd in Open

Sarah 1st Limit

Penny 1st Junior - BPIB

Jason 'Temelora Just Magic' Reserve Best Veteran in Show

West of England Ladies Kennel Championship Show 26.4.14 Judge: Zena Thorne-Andrews

Sarah 2nd Post Graduate Bitch 

Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 19.4.14 Judge Diana Spavin

Dylan Res in Open Dog 

South Wales Papillon Club Open Show 6.4.14 Judge: Michelle Fisher

Dylan 2nd Open Dog B/W. Lovely  dark eye.  Large fringed ears. Good length of neck going into sloping shoulders.  Holding top line both on the move and standing, beautiful high plume.  Just needs to mature.

Sarah 3rd Open Bitch

Hazel 2nd Veteran Bitch B/W In excellent condition, very happy. Dark expressive eye, pretty head. Good length of back. Moved well.  

Jonathan Best Junior Handler in Show 

Bristol and District Open Show 29.3.14

Penny 1st Post Graduate, BOB & G2, BPIB & PG1

Dylan 1st Open 

 Swindon and District 1.3.14 judge - Laurie Hunt

Penny 1st Junior - BOB, BPIB G3, PG1 r/w lovely head & balance muzzle, good bit, eyes with good expression, ears carried well with good fringing, good body with ribs good spring, pleasing width of stifle, good bone & feet, moved very well.

Dylan 1st Open b/w, pleasing head & eyes of good colour, ears held & carried well, with good fringing, good front & body, held level topline, firm in rear, moved freely & with ease.

 Southampton and District 26.1.14

Dylan 1st Open BOB & G2

Penny 2nd Junior BPIB & PG4 

 Hazel enjoying being shortlisted in AV Veteran

Joint Champ Show - hosted by SoE 23.2.13 Bitches:Andres Shemel,  Dogs: Liz Cartledge

Penny 3rd MPB

Dylan 3rd Open Dog

         1st Special B/W dog or bitch Quality Tri D. With lovely head & sweet expression. This lad has a superb tail set, which he seems to be sadly lacking in a lot of the breed today and which tipped the scales, when choosing who would be the eventual winner here today. Sue Stanbury


Jonathan Best Junior Handler in Show This young lad showed and handled his dog, like a true professional. He did everything that was asked of him and then       some. There was a true rapport between dog and handler. Needless to say he won Best Junior Handler In Show. I hear that this is Jonathan’s last year in this age group. I would be interested to know just how many BJH in show’s that he has actually won. Sue Stanbury

Manchester Champ Show  17.1.14  judge - Estelle Kirk

Dylan 3rd Open Dog

Boston & District Champ Show 12.1.14 judge - Joe Magri

Penny 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch red sable, heavier than 1, balanced head with blaze, large well set ears, good body and reach of neck with level topline, nice jugged tail. Moved and showed well. Well presented.

Sarah 1st Post Graduate Bitch dainty little bitch of quality, black and white girl with lovely outline, nice reach of neck, level topline, nice well set jug tail, balanced head with good markings and dark pigmentation, perfectly proportioned ears with plenty of fringing, in overall good coat. Showed and handled really well, very attentive to her owner acting like a true butterfly.

Dylan 3rd Open Dog

Taunton and District 4.1.14

Penny 2nd Puppy

Dylan 1st Open - BOB

 Yeovil and District 29.12.13  Toy judge Barbara Murray

Penny 2nd Junior

Dylan 1st Open

Jason, Temelora Just Magic (handled by Jonathan) 2nd Open, 1st AV Toy Veteran, BVIS

Hazel 3rd Av Toy Veteran

Bristol and District 1.12.13

Dora 1st Graduate & BOB

Dylan 3rd in Open 

Northern & Eastern Papillon Club 2.11.13

Graduate Dog - 1st 'Dylan' Bankshill Lord of the Dance  such a lot to like about this b/w dog, he presents a lovely picture standing & moving & does not disappoint on examination, pretty head with large fringed ears & a good body and tail set well presented in nice coat.

Graduate Bitch - 2nd 'Dora' Metamorphic Onyx

Limit Bitch - VHC 'Sarah' Metamorphic Delivered


South Wales Kennel Association 13.10.13 Judge: Pauline Wilson

Open Dog - 3rd Dylan, Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic - ***Crufts Qualified for Life***

Veteran Bitch - 1st Hazel - Powdermill Look With Me at Metamorphic 

South Wales Papillon Champ Show 6.10.13 Judge: JIm Ness

Graduate - 1st Dylan, Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic 

 Richmond 6.9.13

Yearling - 3rd 'Dylan' Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic

 Gillingham & Shaftesbury Open Show 21.8.13 Breed judge: Elaine Williams, Group: Sue Morrell

Sarah 1st Papillon Open, BOB & Group 4

Hazel 2nd Open

Dylan 3rd Open

Dora 2nd Post Graduate

 South of England Papillon Club Championship Show 4.8.13  Judge: Peter Jolley

Dylan 1st Yearling Dog

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & BJH

Poole Canine Club Open Show 23.6.13 Judge:

Dora 1st Post Graduate & BPIB, Puppy Group 2

Dylan 1st Open, Best of Breed, Group 3

Southampton & District Open Show 15.6.13 Judge: Caroline Odd

Dora 1st Puppy & BPIB

Dylan 2nd in Open 

Southern Counties Championship Show 1.6.13 Judge: Albert Wight

Dylan 1st Yearling Dog

Dora 2nd Puppy Bitch 

 Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Open Show 25.5.13 judge Kirsten Stewart-Knight 

Dylan 1st Yearling Dog

Dora 1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Maiden Bitch, Best Bitch Puppy & Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Stakes: Judge Miss Leila Tarabad (Khatibi)

Dylan 1st Special Open Dog Glamourous 20 month tri, small and dainty and with a lovely outline both standing and on the move. Lovely head properties with dark eyes, fine muzzle, good mouth and correctly placed large ears used perfectly at all times to accentuate his pretty head. Good reach of neck, level topline, correctly set tail and good angulation fore and aft which was reflected in his positive movement as he strode out with ease and style. Showed his socks off throughout the class

Brace - 1st  Dylan and Dora Tricolours. Beautifully matched father and daughter pair who were of lovely quality. Both had very nice, well proportioned heads with dark eyes and correctly set ears. Both were small, dainty specimens in quality coat marked very similarly. On the move when they concentrated they stepped out perfectly in unison which was lovely to see. Both maintained a perfect topline and moved out well covering the ground with ease.

 Jonathan 4th JHA 12-16

 South of England Papillon Club 5.5.13 Judge: Mrs Pat Cox, Tricianbri

Dylan 'Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic' - 2nd Yearling Dog

Dora 'Metamorphic Onyx' - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Elly 'Temelora Forest Maid of Metamorphic' 2nd Open Phalene

Jonathan - 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show

 South Eastern Counties Toy Dog 4.5.13

Dora 'Metamorphic Onyx' - 2nd Puppy

Dylan 'Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic' - 1st Limit & RBOB

Dylan & Dora 2nd Brace

Camberley and District Open Show 21.4.13 Judge: Jane Paradise(Shardlow)  Group: Diane Butler (Telstar)

Dora 1st Junior, BPIB & PG3

Dylan 2nd Open

 Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show                                                                       14.4.13 Judges: Dogs: Bob Brampton; Bitches: Clare-Ann Ahern; BIS: Ann Borg

Dora: 3rd Puppy Bitch *** Crufts Qualified *** (3rd Maiden, Res Novice)

Dylan: VHC Yearling Dog

Elly: 3rd Open Phalene Bitch

George (Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder) - *** Best Fringes in Show ***

Junior Handling Jonathan 3rd 12-16

South Wales Papillon Club 7.4.13 Judge: Kevin Arrowsmith

Dylan  - 1st Yearling Dog

Dora  - 3rd Puppy Bitch

Elly - 2nd Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 1st Handling 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show  - Judge: Kirsty Miller 

UK Toy 30.3.13 Judge: Roger Chaston (Bricklands)

Dora - VHC Minor Puppy Bitch

Crufts 2013

8th March 2013 Judge: Sue Stanbury (Inixia)

Dylan 'Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic'

2nd in Special Junior Dog & 3rd in Yearling Dog 

Elegant, nicely marked 17mth Tri, with sweetest expression, yet not losing his masculinity. Good ear carriage and reach of neck. Good front & rear action. Superb tail carriage. Over all, presents a pleasing picture on the move and standing. 

Swindon and District Open Show 2.3.13 Judge: J Guvercin (Glebeheath)

Junior:             1st Dylan 'Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic' - Best of Breed and Group 1  17 m tri male, with lovely head and ear set. Firm body with good top line and correct underline. Tail set and carriage perfect. Nice legs with correct feet. Moves and shows very well producing a balanced outline from all angles. BOB & G1

Post Grad:        1st Dylan

                       2nd Dora 'Metamorphic Onyx' - Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 1 8m tri bitch nice head and markings, good ear set. Good body with correctly set tail and carriage. Never stopped showing

AV Toy Puppy   1st Lucy 'Metamorphic Opal'


Maidenhead & District Canine Assoc 16.2.13 Judge: Aileen Coull (Group Judge: Julie Baldwin)

Puppy: 1st Dora 'Metamorphic Onyx' & BPIB - Shortlisted in the puppy group lots to like about both, preferred this bitches body and shape & build to her sister, large well set ears with plenty of fringing already, correctly rounded skull, strong jaws, correct mouth, enough neck, good shoulder placement, lovely topline & tailset, positive on the move, coat coming along nicely

           2nd Lucy 'Metamorphic Opal'

Junior 1st Dylan 'Bankshill Lord of the Dance at Metamorphic' & BOB - Shortlisted in the toy group neat lively little dog, correctly placed ears, domed head, adequate stop, good mouth, level topline, high tail set, straight front, correct feet, very sound and free flowing on the move

Post Grad 1st Dylan


Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine 26.1.13 Judge: Carol Greenway

Special Yearling - 2nd Dora 'Metamorphic Onyx' & BPIB gorgeous 6 month old black and white puppy bitch so sweet very feminine. Nicely broken coat adding to her attractiveness. Lovely head, soft round dark eyes and although she is still teething carried her ears so well. Sound in wind and limb she moved well and with confidence, my BP loved her!

                          3rd Lucy 'Metamorphic Opal'

Graduate - 2nd Dylan sixteen month old dog with crisp black and white markings, well balanced and sound, alert and lively chap, confident

 Taunton & District Open Show 5.1.13 Judge: June Gummer

Special Yearling - 1st Dylan.

Lucy and Dora were placed 4th & 5th at their first show

Yeovil & District Open Show 30.12.12 

Junior 1st - Dylan

Northern & Eastern Papillon Club Championship Show 4.11.12                    Judges: Dogs: Angela Skelton, Bitches: Hilary Byers

Dylan 2nd Junior Dog, 2nd Novice Dog & 3rd Beginners Dog Another smart dog slightly more rangier than one, similar quality to one just needs a little bit of maturity to finish, one to watch for the future.

Sarah 2nd Yearling Bitch, 2nd Beginners bitch

Elly 2nd Open Phalene Bitch 

Midland Counties Championship Show 26.10.12 judge: Sue Morrell (Temelora)

Dylan 3rd Junior Dog

Sarah 3rd Yearling Bitch 

South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show 7.10.12 judge: Sean Carroll

Dylan 1st Junior & 1st Novice Dog

Sarah 3rd Yearling Bitch

Elly 1st Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show

Gillingham and Shaftesbury 15.8.12 Judge: Lee Cox (Vanitonia)

Dylan 1st Papillon Post Graduate BOB, BPIB & PG2

Sarah 2nd Papillon Post Graduate

Elly 2nd Papillon Open

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & BJH               (judge:Vera Harcourt-Morris) 

Paignton Championship Show 8.8.12 Judge: Geoffry Davis

Dylan 2nd Puppy Dog 

South of England Papillon Club Championship Show  31.7.12

Dylan 3rd Puppy Dog, 3rd Novice Dog (Judge: Miss A Summerfield)

Dylan 3rd Special B/W (judge Phil Shirley) 

Taunton and District 27.6.12 

Dylan 1st - Papillon Puppy

Hazel 1st - Good Citizen Stakes

 Three Counties Championship Show 7.6.12 (judge Jane Lilley)

Sarah 2nd in Junior, 1st Yearling Bitch b/w with lovely head, eye & expression so well made and firm in body, excellent pigment and topline, coat coming in well and what she has is good quality, the promise is all there.

Southern Counties Championship Show 2.6.12 (judge Andrew Brace)

Dylan 1st Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog  8 month tri of great quality, lovely head type with refined muzzle & expressive eyes, correct balance of outline, well angulated front and back & well set & well carried tail. Needs to body up. Moved steadily & with style BPD

Sarah 2nd Junior Bitch, 1st Graduate Bitch 17m b/w delightful head and quality coat. So well bodied for her age a sound and steady mover.

George (Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder) 1st Junior Dog and shortlisted in the challenge 17m b/w who impressed mainly for his coat and general outline. Very well fringed ears enhance an adequate head, excellent neck & topline, well bodied, very well set and carried tail. Sound & steady mover, loved the way his coat enhanced his outline rather than hiding it.

 Bath Championship Show 25.5.12 (judge Joan Savage)

Dylan Res Minor Puppy Dog

Sarah 2nd Junior Bitch

Stakes Class (judge Mrs A Hawe)

Dyaln 1st Puppy Stakes   Bankshill Lord of the Dance, he was lord of the ring today, such presence and good movement won him the class.

South of England Papillon Club Open show 6.5.12 (Judge: Helen Wheeler) 

Dylan 1st - Minor Puppy, Best Dog Puppy 

 ******Reserve Best Puppy in Show ******

Sarah 3rd - Junior Bitch

Phoe 2nd - Post Graduate Bitch

Hazel 3rd Open Bitch, 1st Beginners Bitch

Elly 1st Open Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16

WELKS 29.4.12 (David Abbott)

Hazel VHC Open Bitch, 1st Good Citizen Bitch 

 Papillon Club Championship Show 15.4.12  (D: Irene Robb, B: Liz Cartledge)

Dylan - 3rd Minor Puppy Dog  ***** Crufts 2013 Qualified*****, 2nd Maiden

Sarah 4th Junior Bitch, 1st Graduate Bitch

Jonathan 2nd, Matthew VHC JHA 12-16

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog 14.4.12 (judge Nigel Marsh)

Sarah - 1st Junior - 1st Post Graduate  lightly marked b/w bitch, with good head markings, dainty with fine bone, large ears, good neck and overall shape, level topline and nice angulation. very pretty head, correctly held tail, very pretty head with correct scissor bite & dark eyes. moved freely

Dylan - 2nd Puppy

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 and 1st YKC  12-16  ****** Crufts 2013 Qualified******

Romsey & District 7.4.12 (judge Dawn Russell)

Dylan BPIB & Puppy Group 3

 Chippenham & District 1.4.12

Sarah 1st Graduate & RBOB

SW Toy Dog 18.3.12 (breed judge Pat Cox)

Dylan 2nd in Puppy Dog   & 2nd in AV Minor Puppy

Sarah 1st Junior Bitch

Elly 2nd in Open Bitch 

Sarah & Dylan 1st - AV Brace  (AV Judge Vanessa Cox)

 Bristol & District Open Show 17.3.12 (breed judge Elaine Arnold)

Dylan 2nd in PG and Best Puppy, Puppy Group 3   1st Puppy Stakes (31 entered)

Sarah 1st PG, Reserve Best of Breed                   VHC Open Stakes (35 entered)

Hazel 1st Open & Best of Breed

(Stakes judge Tim Hutchings) Easter Egg Stakes (31) 1st Wells & Brown Bankshill Lord of the Dance, just 6 months, Papillon with a delightful personality, full of spirit, in addition to his wonderful breed points, most notably his head and expression, he excited me on the move, both in & out & going round, he kept his excellent topline at all times & really used his angulation, most promising.

 Crufts 2012

George - 2nd in Special Junior

2nd in Special Junior well done George and Alison

 Joint Papillon Championship Show (hosted by SW Papillon Club) Judge: Peter Taylor

Sarah 2nd in Graduate

Hazel 3rd in Limit

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & BJH

 Southampton & District

Sarah 2nd - Junior

Sarah 1st - Graduate

 Taunton and District Show 1.1.12

Sarah 1st - Special Yearling

Hazel 2nd - Post Graduate

Papillon Club Open Show

Sarah - 2nd in Puppy Bitch 

 West Country Dog Club

Sarah - 1st Junior and BPIB

 Chester-Le-Street Open Show 23.10.11

George (Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder) ********Best Puppy In Show*********

South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show 9.10.11 judge Rosemary Aryis (Ibstock)

Sarah - 1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Novice Bitch, Best Bitch Puppy

*******Reserve Best Puppy in Show*******

Phoe 3rd in Yearling Bitch

Jonathan 1st JH 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show 

Salisbury & South Wilts Open Show 28.8.11

Sarah 1st in Puppy, BPIB & PG2 

 Welsh Kennel Club 19.8.11 Judge - Albert Wight

Sarah 2nd MPB both these b/w show a heap of promise. I felt 1 had the better expression. They are a lovely size have good ribcages, are finely boned, excellent feet and in good bloom, I think the 2nd would look so much better if she could be persuaded to slow down as she takes off like a 100m sprinter which plays havoc with her outline

Phoe Res in PGB


 Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 17.8.11

Judge - Jo Norris

Sarah 2nd in Post Graduate Best Puppy in Breed & Puppy Group 1

Phoe 2nd in Open

Jonathan 1st Handling 12-16 & Best Handler

Matthew 2nd Handling 6-11

 South of England Papillon Club 31.7.11

Judge: Jean Banfield

Sarah 4th Minor Puppy Bitch

Phoe 3rd in Yearling Bitch

Elly 3rd in Open Phalene Bitch

Judge: Pat Munn

George 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog

Judge: Roger Banfield

Sarah 3rd Special Open b/w

Junior Handling

Matthew 1st (6-11)           Jonathan 1st (12-16) & Best Junior Handler

 Windsor Championship Show 3.7.11                                           

Judge: Carl Sparrow

Sarah 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch

Phoe 1st Yearling Bitch

Jonathan 3rd JHA 12-16

Southampton Open Show 18.6.11 Judge Michelle Osborne (Tykkydewas)

Sarah 2nd Puppy

Phoe 2nd Post Graduate

Jonathan 2nd JHA 12-16 

Three Counties Championship Show 9.6.11                Judge Angela Skelton

Sarah 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch ***** Crufts Qualified ******

Pixie 3rd Puppy Bitch ****** Crufts Qualified ******

Phoe VHC Yearling Bitch

South of England Papillon Club Show 14.5.11

Pixie 2nd Puppy Bitch

Phoe 4th Yearling Bitch

Elly 4th Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in Show

Matthew 1st JHA 6-11

Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 

Phoe 5th Junior Bitch

Pixie 5th Novice Bitch

South East Toy Dog 16.4.11

Pixe 1st Puppy - BPIB

Elly 4th Post Graduate

Hazel 5th Limit

Matthew 1st JHA & YKC 6-11 & Crufts Qualified for 2012

Jonathan 4th JHA & 3rd YKC Thank you to Helen & Lorraine Long of Arroline Cavaliers for allowing Jonathan to borrow Bam

South Wales Papillon Club Open Show 10.4.11

Pixie 1st - Puppy Bitch, Reserve  Best Bitch Puppy in Show 

Phoe 2nd - Junior Bitch

Rosie 2nd - Yearling Bitch

Hazel 4th - Graduate Bitch

Elly 2nd - Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 1st JH 12-16 & Best Junior Handler

Matthew 1st JH 6-11

Papillon Club Open Show 26.2.11

Pixie 5th Minor Puppy Bitch

Phoe 2nd Junior Bitch

Hazel 2nd Graduate Bitch

Elly 2nd Open Phalene Bitch

Jonathan 2nd JH 12-16      Matthew 2nd JH 6-11

Manchester Championship Show

Pixie 5th Minor Puppy Bitch 

Northern & Eastern Papillon Club Champ Show 7.11.10

Phoe 2nd Beginners Bitch

Elly 4th Open Phalene

Jonathan 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler 

Isle of Wight Open Show 16.10.10

Phoe 1st Post Graduate & Best Puppy in Breed, 2nd in puppy stakes.

Hazel 2nd Open & Reserve Best of Breed. 4th Open stakes.

YKC - Matthew 2nd 6-11                             Jonathan 2nd 12-16

JHA - Matthew 1st 6-11                              Jonathan 2nd 12-16

Matthew qualified for Crufts

 South Wales Papillon Club Champ Show 10.10.10

Phoe 5th puppy bitch

Hazel 3rd graduate bitch

Elly 3rd phalene bitch

Junior Handling: Matthew 6-11 years 1st

                        Jonathan 12-16 year 2nd

West Country Dog Club 3.10.10

Phoe - 2nd Post Graduate - Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 4

Matthew 2nd Junior Handling  6 -11

Jonathan 4th Junior Handling 12 - 16 

 Salisbury & South Wilts 29.8.10

Phoe - 2nd Junior - Best Puppy in Breed, Puppy Group 1 - considered for BPIS

Hazel 1st Post Grad - Reserve Best of Breed & Best Opposite Sex

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Open Show 18.8.10

Phoe - 2nd Post Graduate, Best Puppy in Breed, Puppy Group 2

Hazel 1st Open 

 South of England Papillon Club 1.8.10

Matthew 1st JHA 6-11 & Best Junior Handler in Show

Phoe 5th in Puppy Bitch

Hazel 6th Post Gradutate Bitch

Joint Papillon Club Championship Show 18.7.10 

Jonathan - 1st JHA 12-16 & Best Junior Handler in show

Matthew - 2nd JHA 6-11

Phoe - 4th Maiden Bitch

Hazel - 1st Post Graduate Bitch  - Crufts Qualified

Poole & District Open show  27.6.10

Phoe    Best Puppy in Breed & Puppy Group 3 

Southern Counties Championship Show 5.6.10

Phoe    1st Minor Puppy Bitch        Judge Mr F Yeoh 

Matthew  4th Junior Handling

Bath Championship Show 28.5.10 

Phoe    5th    Minor Puppy Bitch    Judge Mrs I Robb

Hazel    4th    Open Bitch 

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